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Sociology: Sociology Bias in Books

Bias in Books


For this Sociology project, you will be watching a presentation on "Bias in Books."

You will also be completing an assignment which includes reading two picture books and filling out a form. You will then write a paper discussing what you have learned.  The assignment and form along with the rubric are included on this page.

Nearpod presentation

Suggestions for paper

Suggestions on How to Write your Paper
800 – 1000 Words

•1st paragraph--Intro: Write about bias in books. What are some types of bias books can have? Write about how bias has changed over the years.
•First Two Body paragraphs: Each book could have their own paragraph. Briefly tell us about the story, and then tell us some of the biases you saw in the book. Use your handout as a guide.
•In the third body paragraph compare the two books. Did you see any changes (related to bias) from the early book to the more recent one?
•Conclusion: Touch on the bias of books again. What are these books teaching the children who read them? How do you feel about the bias that are shown in children’s books?

Aderson Cooper's version of the Doll Test

Kira Davis video

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